Dear friend,

I want to tell you the story of the experience we lived together with Mati, Vadim, Jon and myself a week ago at startup weekend Lausanne.

Curious about startups, web technologies, I saw a post on Facebook about the event. Reading the description, it seemed to me very interesting and I decided to sign up for the experience. By doing that, I made a step forward into the startup world.

When arriving at EPFL campus, I didn’t know where the entrance of the Rolex Center was and asked my way to another man. Vadim gently indicated me the way and we sat next to each other before the presentation. We started to talk about our passions. Then, another guy, Jon asked us if he could sit and joined the conversation.

Entrepreneurs went on stage and pitched ideas they wanted to give birth. They were really good ones ! Nonetheless, I felt the need of inventing something. Talking with my two new friends, we came to realize that we all wanted to create something mixing the food business and internet. And the light came.

As food lovers, we decided to create an app that would allow people to order food to the chefs that work around them. By chefs, we mean anyone being able to cook something really healthy and tasty.

Then, we jumped into the business and started to work on this project during the weekend. Since none of us was a developer, we called Mati and he joined the team in order to prototype the app. He worked from Buenos Aires and did a “minimum viable product”. You can check it out at It is right now under development.


This hands-on experience taught me interesting things about startups. If you want to succeed, you must be able to build a really strong team with the right set of skills. I would suggest people to start with three people : a web developer, a app developer with design skills, and a business developer with sales, organizational and financial skills.

There is a startup weekend in Lucerne at the end of the month, chef-box will be there for continuing the journey.

Thank you for reading, have a good day,